Photo credit: Zhuang Yan

Photo credit: Zhuang Yan

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The residents of Dali Village, ATLAS Studio, and The Global Heritage Fund have come together to create an initiative that imagines a new kind of cultural institution for Dali. Since its inception, the project has continued to grow and expand through the process of multiple stakeholders exchanging various forms of knowledge and expertise. Each partner brings a different point of view to the process of building of the social enterprise and the work of cultural preservation. As outsiders, ATLAS and The Global Heritage Fund have in many ways acted as catalysts for change and have acted as a bridge between the incredible cultural heritage of Dali and external audiences. As the key stakeholders and leaders of the project, the residents of Dali Village are committed to building something new and to balancing the demands of an advancing modernism and the opportunities that brings with a desire to see Dong culture thrive today and into the future. 

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ATLAS, Design & Co-Partner

ATLAS is a group of multi-disciplinary designers based in Beijing.  The studio is rooted in the discipline of architecture but undertakes projects that utilize multiple disciplines of design, as well as research, curation, strategy, and community building. Their shared interest in culture, history, and place leads them to mine various contexts for unexpected stories, details, or overlooked materials and techniques. In addition to an investigation of place, they take a process-based approach to design that aims to capture the both marks of time and technique as well as the experimental potentials of materials. Each project the studio takes on is an opportunity to articulate a contemporary narrative that bridges between cultures and contexts.

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The Global Heritage Fund, Sponsor & Co-Partner

The Global Heritage Fund is an international not-for-profit dedicated to cultural conservation with headquarters in San Francisco and London. With a vision to look ‘beyond monuments,’ GHF works to partner with local communities and understand that transforming heritage into an economic engine is the surest means of long-term preservation. They believe cultural heritage sites are the root of a people’s history and the bedrock of their future and that their preservation is vital for protecting the rich, shared history of humankind. 

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Dali Village

Textile Co-op: 杨婢孟, 杨正仙, 吴行交, 吴团妹, 杨宗月, 杨汉足, 杨胜花, 杨万书, 杨岁鸾, 杨贤书, 杨秀环, 杨营结, 杨再珍, 杨成枢

Building Team: Master Carpenter 杨胜合, General Contractor 杨秀